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08/13/2019 Syria (International Christian Concern) –  The heads of Syrian Christian churches have concluded a meeting in Damascus, where the situation of local Christians was heavily discussed. The meeting was organized by the Syriac Orthodox and included representatives from the Greek Orthodox and Greek Melkite Catholic churches.

The Syrian civil war erupted eight years ago, thrusting the country into a state of chaos. Many rebel factions dissolved into terrorist groups, leaving Christians with no choice but to either flee the country or relocate into government controlled territories. For years, it looked like the government would lose the war. But at this current stage, the government appears largely victorious.

It is a bitter pill for those Christians who would otherwise have supported a change in government, as the Assad regime had never fully respected their religious freedom. As a result, these Christians were left with no safe options to pursue once rebel groups became defined by Islamic terrorism.

The past eight years have been difficult for Syria’s churches, who have found themselves caught in the middle of warring factions. The recent meeting in Damascus emphasized key points that many Christians are requesting. Namely, that there is rule of law, a foundation of democracy, equal citizenship, and respect of diversity. Whether this will ever be achieved, however, remains unclear. No one is sure what kind of future is in store for Syrians.

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