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08/12/2019 Iraq (International Christian Concern) –  Iraq’s legislature is currently considering a proposal which would require that Supreme Court decisions maintain the support of at least 3 of the 4 Islamic scholars sitting on the judiciary. Currently, they have a type of observer status. The court is meant to independently interpret the constitution and be the final court of appeals.

Christians are not able to participate in Iraq’s judiciary system. The constitution makes Islam the foundation of law. While it does acknowledge religious freedom, Christians can’t join the judiciary because it requires taking an Islamic oath.

At the same time, law is largely absent from society. Christians would like to see a legal system strengthened in Iraq. However, if they do not have representation in this process, then it could raise a new set of religious freedom violations.

This legislation is currently in its second reading stage at parliament. The church has come out in strong opposition to the proposal. It is not clear what to anticipate during the next steps of the process.

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