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08/09/2019 Kenya (International Christian Concern) – Al-Shabaab was planning yet another attack on Christians in Northern Kenya. The plan was for gunmen to storm a construction site for a new hospital in Kutulo, Kenya and kill any Christian workers they found there. When some of the local Muslim population heard of the impending attack, which was to take place on July 21, they rushed to the area to tell all Christians to evacuate. They then waited for the gunmen to arrive and confronted them.

They were unable to prevent the gunmen from opening fire on the construction site, however, thanks to their bravery and quick action, more than 20 Christians were able to flee the site and escape without injuries.

Kutulo is in Mandera County, Kenya, which has been a very dangerous place for Christians to live and work. There is a high concentration of Somalis and Muslims that live in Mandera, and most of the Christians who work there are from other parts of Kenya. This has made them easy targets for al-Shabaab, as they are easily identifiable. Since 2017, ICC has directly assisted 10 families who have lost husbands and fathers to 4 similar attacks in Mandera, All these men were executed for their faith and their refusal to deny Christ. Please pray that these brave Muslims would continue to fight for the safety of their fellow Christian Kenyans and that this act might be a new start for Christians living in Mandera.

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