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08/08/2019 Sudan (International Christian Concern) – As the whole world watches what is happening in the government in Sudan, between the protesters and the Transitional Military Council, the judicial system has reopened a case against 9 Pastors. These nine men were accused of trespassing on Church property and refusal to hand over administrative control of church affairs to a government appointed committee.

The case was originally dismissed last August when the Courts decided that the case was an administrative issue and not a criminal one. This apparently recently changed when the courts received papers and evidence that these men are not actually the leaders of the church. This paperwork that they are using was provided by the Ministry of Guidance and Religious Endowments, the groups that regulates legal religious bodies and consistently discriminates against minority religious groups.

These false allegations have been used to harass these men for years, some of whom have been arrested numerous times and spent years in prison, all for preaching Christ. As the new government comes into power and establishes the new rule of law in Sudan, we must pray that freedom of religion is addressed. If it is not, Christians will continue to suffer under the yoke of persecution and harassment by the government and its supporters.

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