No Update On Detained ERCC Christian After Eight Months

08/05/2019 China (International Christian Concern) – After her husband was arrested in the December 9th crackdown last year, the wife of a detained Christian from Sichuan’s Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC) has been longing to hear about the update of her husband’s case.

She was let down again, even though China’s criminal procedure law clearly states that any suspect cannot be detained for more than seven months after his/her arrest.

In a post she put out on August 4, Qin Derfu’s wife Xiao Hongliu said that all the police she came into contact with had told her to trust in the system, that Qin’s case would be handled according to rule of law, and all his legal rights would be protected by the country.

A day later, when the seven-month deadline has arrived, she did not hear a thing. All she knows from his lawyer is that Qin’s case has never reached People’s Procuratorate. There was also no record of the authorities conducting further “interrogation” to extend his period of detention. When the lawyer tried to poke further, they simply replied that a response can only be given once higher level approves.

Meanwhile, other ERCC members continue to face harassment by the authorities. Some were forced to move out, and even after they moved into new places, they continue to receive threats and are placed under surveillance.

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