Small Solution to Discrimination Case in Egypt

08/04/2019 Egypt (International Christian Concern) – Earlier this year, an Egyptian Christian soldier who died in the line of duty was prevented from receiving the honors due to him for his sacrifice. His Muslim compatriots who were also killed in action had schools named after them. The Christian soldier, Abnoub, had a bridge named after him.

This discrimination greatly angered many local Christians. The Muslim soldiers had big banners made and hung over the school. Abnoub’s sacrifice was acknowledged only through a small sign over a dirty bridge leading away from the city. This happened after Aboub’s family had received a promise of recognition equal to the Muslim soldiers. However, local Muslim residents pushed back against this promise and it was retracted.

Now, a large banner with Abnoub’s name is draped over the bridge. The governor says that he will erect a memorial that will have the names of everyone from Assiut who died in action, regardless of religion. However, it is not clear if the practice of naming official buildings after only Muslim soldiers will continue or if Christians will now be given equal treatment in this practice.

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