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07/31/2019 Sudan (International Christian Concern) – Protests started again in earnest in Sudan this week. On Monday, a group of people had formed a protest in El-Obeid, complaining about the price of bread and lack of fuel. During the protest, military personnel opened fire on the group, killing 4 high school students and 1 adult. Dozens of others were injured during the protest and crackdown by forces believed to be part of the Rapid Support Forces, who have been accused in other killings as well.

The next day, thousands of students across the country flooded the streets of Khartoum, and other major cities, protesting the attacks on peaceful citizens and children. Schools in Sudan were shut down on Wednesday and are not set to be opened again on a specific date.

Due to this latest crackdown, the leaders of the pro-democracy movement have postponed talks with the Transitional Military Council. These talks were meant to take place on Tuesday and were supposed to cover how the transition to a civilian government would continue moving forward. The protesters are now demanding an independent investigation into the crackdown on Monday and won’t move forward without it at this time.

These continued killings and harsh actions by the Sudanese military will only stop reconciliation and democracy from being able to form without more violence. If these attacks do continue, it is likely that the country will go through another civil war that could end up being much worse and more deadly than the split with South Sudan. Please pray that peace would come to Sudan, that the government would hand power to the people, and that Christians, who are the lowest class, would be able to find safety during this perilous time.

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