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07/30/2019 Iran (International Christian Concern) –  A 65-year-old Iranian woman named Mahrokh Kanbari was sentenced to a year in prison after being charged with “propaganda against the system.” She was originally arrested before Christmas on the charge of “acting against national security.”  The police had raided her home, interrogated her for ten days, and set her bail at $2,500

This comes following a recent court incident involving other Christians who had similarly vague charges. On July 24th a hearing was put on hold out after five of the accused Christians insisted on selecting their own defense lawyer. Rather than listening to their request, Judge Moghiseh transferred two of them to Evin Prison and arrested the other three, setting bail at around 180,000 USD.

This is part of a continued downward trend of religious freedom for Christians in Iran. The officially Islamic government views Christianity as an inherent national security threat. Generally human rights do not exist within Iran, but for Christians, the situation is even more dire given the regime’s perspective of them.

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