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07/26/2019 Turkey (International Christian Concern) –  Researchers uncovered new documents that suggest the 1915 Armenian genocide was assisted by leaders of the Ottoman Empire in Istanbul. Taner Akcam, an Armenian genocide expert, touts the evidence as a much needed “smoking gun” linking the Ottoman government to the atrocities.

Turkey—the successor to the Ottoman Empire—has remained adamant in denying the Armenian genocide. The government has spent significant resources that attempt to alternately justify or disprove the genocide’s existence. They have at times claimed that the genocide was committed by rouge bandits.

The latest research revealed by Akcam, however, shows that provincial governors carried out the genocide with approval from Istanbul. According to UPI, the research is a series of telegrams signed by Turkish officials and use words such as “extermination” and “annihilation.”

Armenians are an ethno-religious community who are Christian. The genocide nearly eliminated their presence in Turkey. The descendants of those few who survived face a number of challenges. Rhetoric from the government continues to inspire hate attacks against Armenians. The government does not allow their churches full autonomy, and instead interferes in their leadership elections. Although the genocide happened over 100 years ago, Turkey’s denial of it opens the door to further persecution incidents against the Armenian community.

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