Jailed Iranian Christian Granted Conditional Release

07/22/2019 Iran (International Christian Concern) –  Iranian Armenian Sevada Aghasar was granted a conditional release from Evin Prison and released yesterday after serving half of a five-year sentence for “acting against national security through house church activities.”

Aghasar is an Armenian Christian who was first arrested in 2013 alongside Ibrahim Firouzi, who remains in prison. As an Armenian Christian, Aghasar technically has constitutional protections regarding his faith practice. As a convert to Christianity, these protections do not apply to Firouzi. Even so, the religious freedom of both men were violated through their arrest and subsequent imprisonment.

The terms of Sevada’s conditional release is believed to include a prohibition against evangelism, a right which Iran’s constitution does not protect. Upon his release, Sevada wrote on his Instagram page that “when I was a  child, I thought only criminals and malefactors would be prisoned. Then I got older and knew that debtors and mistakers would be imprisoned too. Now I know that even innocents could be imprisoned!! Thank God, I am free now.”

Evin Prison is notorious in Iran for inhumane torture and living conditions. It is one of the worst prisons inside the country. Iran frequently sends Christians to Evin Prison, where they are often subjected to the harshest of treatment.

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