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07/20/2019 Turkey (International Christian Concern) –  A Turkish diplomat was assassinated Wednesday at a restaurant in the capitol of Iraq’s Kurdistan Region. In retaliation, Turkey on Thursday launched an air attack in the most northern region of Kurdistan.

Turkey is actively engaging in military activities in Iraq’s far north, saying that they are engaged in a war with the PKK, a terrorist organization recognized by the US. There is speculation that the diplomat’s assassination was in retaliation by the PKK for Turkey’s assassination of one of the group’s high profile leaders. Much uncertainty however surrounds the diplomat’s assassination.

Turkey’s war with the Iraqi PKK comes heavily at the expense of Christians. The air strikes conducted by Turkey in Northern Iraq do not discriminate between civilians and militants. Turkey has a record of dropping rockets on Christian villages who do not have any PKK presence. There is much concern from Christians in this area that the recent escalation of violence will further put believers in harm’s way.

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