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07/19/2019 Uganda (International Christian Concern) – Morningstar News has reported on another woman in Uganda who has been chased away from her home because she converted from Islam to follow Christ. Sharifa Kasozi Nakamate, of Kirinda in Wakiso District, is a 49-year-old widow. When her husband died, she asked a local pastor to bury him. This angered some of the local Muslims in the community who, Sharifa told Morningstar, gave her a “few days to recant the Christian faith or face the wrath of being an apostate.

Because of these threats, Sharifa had to move to a new, safer location. She has since been helped by a local church with rent and starting a small business. However, she fears that she will be found. Sharifa continued, “a Muslim from my home village came and bought items from me … I am afraid that she will go back and spread the news of my new place of residence. This new place is not safe for me.” The church that has been helping her is also afraid of repercussions from the local extremist Muslim population.

Uganda has become a dangerous place for Christian converts from Islam. There are many areas that have become majority Muslim, and often in these areas, converts are attacked, beaten, and forced to leave home with nothing. This makes life harder for them and is against the law. Please pray for Sharifa and the many other MBBs like her that continue to suffer for their faith.

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