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07/18/2019 Iran (International Christian Concern) –  Iranian state media is back peddling following an international outcry which resulted in the removal of a cross from the top an Assyrian Presbyterian Church in the city of Tabriz.

Iran’s Islamic regime controls all media in the country, including Fars News Agency. The media outlet recently issued a report that claimed that services at this church were never halted and the cross had fallen due to natural occurrences. The report also interviewed two senior Armenian Orthodox priests. They were compelled to talk about how any news reports to the contrary are false and that Christians in Iran are always well-treated.

This particular incident of the cross removal dates back to this past May. Intelligence officials raided the church, closed it, and removed the cross. The incident was condemned internationally, as well as by an Assyrian Parliamentary Member and the senior legal advisor to the president. Since then, Iran has been slowly walking back its actions towards the church while publically denying the incident.

No changes have been made to the policies which propel this kind of persecution. Instead, the regime continues to warn about the alleged national security dangers of a growing Christian presence in the Islamic country.

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