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07/18/2019 Africa (International Christian Concern) – Isha Sesay, writer of the new book, “Beneath the Tamarind Tree”, a book about the chibok girls, has now asked the question; why don’t American journalists care about Africa? In an article written for USA Today, Sesay discusses how, as the article is titled, “American journalists have duty to report on tragedies in countries like Sudan”.

This question she raises through this article is very important. She brings the recent issues happening in Sudan up as a point of focus. In Sudan, thousands of pro-democracy people have been holding protests and demonstrations throughout the country in an attempt to create a civilian led government. Despite this and the major backlash that these people have faced, including the killing of more than 100 in one day by military personnel, most American and American media have paid little attention to this crisis.

Then Sesay reminds us that though the kidnapping of the Chibok girls took place more than 5 years ago, we have a duty to still remember and help. On the 5-year anniversary this year, there were almost zero mentions of the still more than 110 missing girls. There were no bring back our girl’s campaigns. People have forgotten. This begs the question as Sesay asks: “Is Africa’s “otherness” to blame, leading to a fundamental disinterest among Americans in what happens to its people? Or is American disinterest simply the byproduct of the US media’s sporadic and often half-hearted coverage of the continent?” These questions are even more true for any mention of Christians in Africa. Rather than report on the persecution of Christians, often the US media reports it and victimizes those who attack Christians. Please pray and pay attention to those suffering in Africa for their faith.

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