ICC Supports Egyptian Farmer Following Arson Attack

07/16/2019 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Last fall, a Coptic Christian named Hana was on his way home to tend to his live­stock, who provided most of his income. After more than decade of hard work, Hana had built up a livestock business through which he owned buffalos and a small calf. As he approached his home, he quickly noticed flames rising from the property. Hana’s barn, livestock, and several wooden poles on his property were all on fire.

Although his neighbors attempted to help him rescue the animals, their efforts were unsuccessful. In a matter of moments, Hana’s farm – and livelihood – went up in smoke. He recalled, “It was painful to me, to see that my animals were burning and suffer­ing, and I was disabled to help them. It was something like if my sons were burning. God save my sons, please.”

The burning of Hana’s farm took place as part of a recent string of arson cases tar­geting Coptic Christian farmers. For many Egyptians, their entire livelihood centers around livestock, making this type of attack devastating. Although Hana reported the inci­dent to the police, he did not know who was responsible for the attack, which limited the authorities’ ability to investigate.

Yet, following the attack, Hana remained hopeful that God would provide. He said, “After the incident happened, I believed that God would give me a compensation. God loves us and we trust that.”

After learning of this attack, ICC accompa­nied Hana to the market to purchase two new cows and feed for the animals. Although it was too late to save the lives of the livestock that was targeted, these cows will help restore the income that was lost in this violent act of arson. Hana said, “I’m happy now and very satisfied, thanks to God who helped me.”

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