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07/09/2019 Sudan (International Christian Concern) – Sudan’s Transitional Military Council(TMC) and the leaders of the protest movement have agreed to a peaceful transition away from direct military control of the government to a civilian-military led council. In the agreement, the civilians will supply 6 of the eleven council members, while the others will come from the current military leadership. For the first 21 months, this new sovereign council will be led by one of the military leaders, then for the following 18 months, it will be led by a civilian member. The TMC has also agreed to lift the current internet blackout and allow an independent investigation into the military crackdown of protests last month.

Some officials in Sudan and other Arab countries have said that pressure from the US helped facilitate the peace deal and power sharing agreement. According to ABCNews, sources said that the US special envoy was able to pressure the TMC through other countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and the protesters by speaking to separate faction heads.

Though it is good news that there has finally been an agreement, it could still end poorly. A similar agreement was proposed in April, but ultimately fell apart and led to a crackdown on the protesters that ended with many killed. We must continue to pray that there will be a peaceful transition to a democratic government that will also allow freedom of religion for all of its citizens, including Christians.

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