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07/08/2019 Sri Lanka (International Christian Concern) – The aftermath of the Sri Lankan Easter bomb attacks has left painful wounds in the hearts of all Sri Lankans, and sympathizers worldwide. While efforts to recuperate families and help individuals begin their healing journeys’ have started, Colombo activists are seeking for justice for those victimized.

Warnings of the attacks were sent to defense officials from India before the attack actually took place. As a result, the former Secretary of Defense and the former Chief of Police have been arrested for negligence. However, activists insist that more should be done to ensure adequate justice.

The National Peace Council (NPC), together with non-governmental activists, are demanding a comprehensive report detailing the actions that stopped the national security system from preventing the Easter bombing. Through this, all the culprits and loopholes can be identified and the necessary steps be taken afterwards to ensure something like this does not happen again.

We believe – they conclude – that it will be useful to apply Systems Thinking which can help us see that what may seem an isolated problem is actually part of the interconnected network of related issues,” The NPC told Asia News. “Ignoring this interconnectedness will lead to many unintended negative consequences for Sri Lanka in the short and long term. Quick fixes do not help in the long term.

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