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07/06/2019 China (International Christian Concern)– Catholics in Fujian faced a series of severe crackdown operations against churches that refused to join the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association (CPCA). A report from Bitter Winter revealed that churches were ransacked by officials, with one venues door being demolished.

In the middle of May, one church had more 100 government officials descend upon their meeting. All Christian members who were there were intercepted, questioned and photographed. They were told that in order to continue practicing, they needed to become part of the official Chinese Catholic Church. Since the incident, guards have been posted at the entrance to ensure that the Christians do not attempt to gather again until they register.

However, many Catholics and churches do not want to agree to the stipulations of the CPCA, that puts upholding traditional Chinese values over their call as Christians. The Vatican-China deal of 2018 allows for Chinese Catholics to join the CPCA, but the Vatican does not require it. China’s interpretation of the deal requires all Catholics to be registered.

The Chinese Government continues their persecution of the minority Christian community. The dire situation is disheartening for many, and few of the incidents of persecution in the country manage to escape its borders.

Christians who have been forced out of their normal places of worship work to overcome the persecution in small ways. Many will meet in smaller groups to avoid being caught, messaging through secure channels to coordinate. Though still at risk for meeting without permits, Christians in China persevere to fellowship together and worship.

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