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06/30/2019 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – Morningstar News recently told the story of a 7-year-old boy who survived a Fulani militant attack while watching his uncle die trying to save him. The boy, who they call Jerome, told how he woke to the sounds of gunfire around midnight on May 3. Jerome was led to the woods by his uncle, along with his mother and grandmother, as his father stayed back to protect the house. As they ran, Fulani militants saw them and started shooting.

Then Jerome continued, “My uncle pulled me down and asked my mother and grandmother to also lie down on the ground in order to avoid the bullets that were being shot at us. As we lay there on the ground, one of the herdsmen came to where we were and pointed his gun at my uncle. When the Fulani man was about to shoot my uncle, my uncle jumped up and grabbed him, and they began to wrestle each other.”

Jerome continues that another militant runs up and shoots him in the shoulder. Then the militant turns his gun on Jerome’s uncle. The nameless assailant shot the uncle and his fellow attacker, killing both. At this point, the militant leaves and Jerome decides to hide in a nearby house until morning. It is not until the next morning after the attck dies down, that Jerome’s Family finds him hiding in the house.

This story has become all too common in Nigeria’s Middle Belt. Christians like Jerome are seeing and suffering attacks that most of us in America could never dream about. As a 7-year-old boy, he has seen more gore than most in the world will ever see. And yet, the Nigerian government continues to turn a blind eye to the tragedies that continue to take place. Please pray for Jerome and the thousands of others like him who suffer every day from trauma and attacks like these.

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