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06/27/2019 Sudan (International Christian Concern) – It appears that there will be nationwide protests this coming Sunday in Sudan. The civilian opposition to the current Transitional Military Council(TMC) has called for these protests in reaction to the TMC’s decision to deny the most recent governmental restructuring proposal and because the TMC crackdown on the protesters sit in at the beginning of June. During that crackdown, the TMC possibly killed as many as 120 protesters.

The leader of the TMC, Lieutenant General Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo, better known as Hemedti, said that he would not accept the new proposal because it did not give the military equal power with the civilian counterparts in the parliament. According to the proposal, the government would be made up of a sovereignty council, with a 3-year rotational chairmanship of the council. The first half would be led by a civilian and the second by a military man to be appointed by the army. It would also be made of 14 people total with 50/50 percent division: seven military members and seven civilian counterparts. Finally, the parliament, which is made up of 150 members would be split 67 percent civilians and 33 percent military.

Denying this proposal showed the civilian protesters that the TMC wants to keep as much control over the country as it can. Hopefully with this new call for nationwide protests, they can gain the support they need to start a civilian led government that would be more open to change then the military led government has been for the past several decades. If a civilian led government is allowed to take power, it might relieve some of the hatred and persecution that has afflicted the Christian community in Sudan. Please pray that this would be the case.

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