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06/27/2019 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Refugees and asylum seekers fleeing reli­gious persecution live in a legal limbo in Thailand. Even if they are recognized by the UNHCR as refugees, the Thai government treats them as illegal migrants, meaning that urban refugees and asylums seekers are not legally allowed to work. If they do find work, they risk imprisonment. ICC has invested in a sewing center to help develop a safe space where refugees and asylum seekers can pro­duce textiles to sell the goods commercially, while teaching others in the process.

With ICC’s help, the sewing center has grown into a thriving business with the pur­pose of helping vulnerable Christian women achieve their potential. The sewing center has also developed into a brand that prides itself on its unique designs.

As a result of ICC’s donations, the sewing center has been able to continue growing toward self-sustainability through the purchase of raw materials and software equipment. This busi­ness continues to support Christians through economic empowerment and training, by encouraging and equipping women and girls in various refugee communities.

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