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06/25/2019 Malaysia (International Christian Concern) – As ISIS fighters lose their ground and return home, a top Malaysian police officer warns of possible suicide attacks, saying those coming from Syria and Iraq could attempt to organize their actions through social media.

In an interview with South China Morning Post, Inspector-general of police Abdul Hamid Bador, says Malaysian returnees from Syria and Iraq are frustrated with their failure to achieve martyrdom with the collapse of the Islamic State’s caliphate and could attempt to continue their holy mission in their homeland by staging suicide attacks.

There are more than two dozen Malaysians who are still jailed in refugee camps in northern Syria, after the fall of ISIS last March. Unable to realize what they were trained for, these frustrated fighters might regroup to implement their ideals back home, according to Bador.

He adds that tech giants Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Google are platforms commonly exploited by ISIS and radical groups to disseminate their propaganda and these platforms were used to radicalize many of the Malaysians now in refugee camps. He calls for these companies to be more proactive and responsible for monitoring suspected terrorist activities.

A total of 102 Malaysians travelled to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS from 2013, and 40 were killed in combat. Nine died as suicide bombers, according to police. Bador said the authorities will deal with this threat cautiously as more return.

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