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06/24/2019 India (International Christian Concern) – A Christian evangelist was arrested in the Kerala State of India after visiting sick hospitalized patients. Police claimed that he was forcing conversions. However, he denies all accusations and says that he only distributed Christian pamphlets to those who expressed interest.

The evangelist, Boban Koshy, is a member of the Faith Family Church in India and felt called to minister to hospitalized patients. He visits a variety of hospitals in the region for up to six hours every day. On June 10th, he was traveling to Kottayam Medical College. A local political leader approached him and during the course of several abusive words, accused Koshy of forcing conversions on vulnerable hospitalized people. The leader wrongly insisted that Koshy needed permission to visit the hospital.

Nevertheless, the police arrived and arrested Koshy for distributing religious pamphlets. He was sent to Gandhi Nagar Police Station in Kottayam for questioning. Although he was subsequently released, the police continue to monitor and harass him.

Since the re-election of Hindu-nationalist party, the BJP, Indian Christians have been subjugated to increasing violence and discrimination. They are more openly prevented from engaging in Christian activities even though they have the freedom to express their faith, per the constitution.

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