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06/22/2019 India (International Christian Concern)- A group of Christians were arrested by police on a train moving from the Indian city of Tamil Nadu to the Inland Town on June 12th, 2019. Although proselytizing is not illegal, other passengers on the train complained bitterly about the disturbance the Christians were causing by preaching the gospel. A video released online shows that the Christians were not causing much disturbance and were only sharing their faith with passengers who wanted to listen.

According to the passengers, the group of Christians were allegedly screaming about the security they found in Jesus, and were insisting that converting to Christianity was the most appropriate thing to do. Passengers said the Christians were urging everyone to convert in a disturbing way.

When the video of the Christians appeared online, the police received a lot of external pressure to charge the Christian, despite the fact that proselytizing in not illegal. Finally, they arrested them under the Railway Norms Law, which sanctions people who are nuisances or engage in obscene acts – all of which the Christians did not do.

When asked about the incident, the president of the Global Council of Christians(GCIC), Sajan K George condemned “the increase of intolerance towards the Christian faith.”

He also added that “the voice of the majority is getting louder, and seeks to silence that of the tiny Christian community”.

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