Kuwaiti Christians File Lawsuit Against Hardline Cleric

06/18/2019 Kuwait (International Christian Concern) –  Kuwaiti Christians have filed a lawsuit against Islamic cleric Othman al-Khamis for “stoking sectarian tension” after the Sheikh gave yet another sermon stoking violence against Christians, local press reports.

In his latest sermon, Sheikh al-Khamis issued a religious ruling that Muslims cannot wear clothes that have the image of a cross or the devil, unless the image is located on an insulting place, such as socks. The Salafi cleric was banned from preaching in mosques in 2015. This past March, he was fined $65.7k for “stoking sectarian tension.”

Kuwait’s small Christian community of approximately 267 individuals have frequently complained of Sheikh al-Khamis’ aggression. In January, he had issued a fatwa encouraging his followers to kill anyone who chooses not to follow Islam. There is much local concern that the Sheikh’s activities will lead to deadly violence against Christians. Taking the step of filing a lawsuit against the Sheikh is a notable indicator of how serious his threats are regarded as.

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