From Persecutor to Proponent: Part 2

In case you missed it, you can read Part 1 here.

06/17/2019 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Amir would often let others choose their cities first, then volunteer for the most danger­ous cities. For this reason, Amir often found himself traveling to remote areas near Afghanistan.

Amir believes that some Christians, given the proper training, can avoid persecution. One time, he was detained for the simple fact that his companion had not had this type of training:

“We are a group of addicts, and we gather together and receive this power of the Lord in the community and it helps us being rescued from addiction,” he recalls telling his interrogators at the time.

Their interrogators agreed to let them go, but Amir’s Christian companion began shouting, “We are Christians!” They were both put in jail, where they remained for 20 days. The pressure was too much for Amir’s friend, who renounced Christ. He was released from prison, leaving Amir alone in jail.

Several months later, they were again reunited in Christian ministry. “He [now] stands amazingly for the Lord,” says Amir. “He confessed that because he didn’t stand for Christ during persecution, he will feel regret until the end of his life.”

This is a pattern that he has seen many times. “Those who are under these pressures are divided into two groups: those who stood, and those who fell down. For those who stood, we say Hallelujah! And for those who fell, in my opinion, we eventually say Hallelujah!”

As someone who once was part of Iran’s regime of persecution, Amir hopes that these stories will encourage other Iranian Christians about how to avoid—and stand firm during—persecution.

For ultimately, “The persecuted Church wants to use all potential for the glory of the name of the Lord,” said Amir.

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