From Persecutor to Proponent: Part 1

06/16/2019 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Amir began his career as a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRGC), a vast intelligence network tasked with protecting Iran’s Islamic identity. He adopted the harsh methods that the organization encouraged to enforce a strict Islamic ideology, especially on Christians. He participated in the beating, torture, interrogation, and imprisonment of Christians. Little did he know that he would eventually become one.

The IRGC controls much of Iran’s economy and military resources. Besides hunting down Christians within Iran’s own borders, it has masterminded bombings in American and Israeli embassies and elsewhere. In May, President Trump designated it as a Foreign Terrorist Group. It is no surprise that many Iranian Christians are fearful of the IRGC and its 250,000 members.

Like Saul, who murderously pursued Christians before becoming a believer himself, Amir’s life was radically transformed by Christ. But he was in too deep with the IRGC – they knew too much about him and his whereabouts for him to safely stay in the country. He fled Iran and committed himself to ministering to the very ones he once persecuted.

Amir didn’t stay out of Iran for long. Today, his own church community is dedicated to traveling throughout Iran and sharing the Gospel with whomever they encounter. He devoted himself to teaching the Church how to grow and survive, despite persecution.

“Informing believers is very important,” Amir explains. “Those who enter into this path (evangelism ministry) with read­iness from the beginning will be more fruitful.”

Stay tuned for Part 2, coming tomorrow.

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