ICC’s Underground Railroad: Part 2

In case you missed it, you can read Part 1 here.

06/12/2019 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Ahmed walked into a chaotic scene. Her family was beating her; even her father gave up protecting her to beat her. Ahmed began crying out to Jesus for help in the midst of the confusion. That’s when his family found out that he left Islam for Christianity. His cousin also cried out to the Lord as she died.

Ahmed knew that his life was in immediate danger. His uncle tried to shoot him, but Ahmed avoided the spray of bullets and escaped. Ahmed spent the next month in hiding, homeless and barely surviving.

When ICC first came across Ahmed’s case, he needed immediate relocation assistance. His parents had burned down his childhood room, and their tribe had distributed a death notice across the entire countryside.

ICC’s team sprang into action, moving Ahmed along an underground railroad designed to assist Muslim-background believers under immediate threat. He was relocated to a safe, inaccessible location. His family searched public transportation hubs for clues about his whereabouts, but Ahmed managed to stay a few steps ahead of them.Ahmed survived, but resettlement in his new home was no easy task. He struggled to find both a job and welcoming community, as many Christians were suspicious of his Muslim background. But as a result of ICC’s MBB ministry, Ahmed is now settling into his new home. He has become a major contribution to his new community, diligently working to serve the church.

“This kind of project is the most worthy; it is truly lifesaving,” said ICC’s relocation team. After his own life was saved, Ahmed is now devoted to saving the lives of others like him.

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