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Iran Sends Morality Police to Hard-Hit Christian Province

06/11/2019 Iran (International Christian Concern) – Counter hijab protests are increasingly common in Iran, leading the government to pilot a new morality police program in Gilan Province. The program includes the hire of 2,000 new morality police, all women, who will enforce the country’s mandatory hijab laws as well as other policies governing gender relations.

Christians living in Gilan Province, especially in the city of Rasht, have come under intense pressure this year. A new influx of morality police into the area comes at a time when the regime is already increasing pressure on citizens to report anyone breaking Islamic law.

The situation puts Christians, especially women, at an ever increasing disadvantage. Christian women are compelled to follow Islamic dress codes even though they are not Muslims. When a house church is raided, it is not uncommon for the police to issue punitive charges on the basis of genders mixing during a social society.

An increase of morality police into an area known to already experience intense persecution does not bode well for the Christian community who lives there.

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