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06/11/2019 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Ahmed grew up in a country where Christianity is prohibited. Like many teenagers, this only intrigued him more. His Muslim peers would mock and profane Christianity, but he couldn’t believe that 1,600,000,000 Christians could be that disillusioned.

History was Ahmed’s favorite subject as a teenager. Because of this, he knew that the Middle East was Christian before Islam spread through the region. In the midst of his studies, he found a copy of a Bible which showed him a world that existed before Islam. He took his questions to the Muslim leaders. Instead of directly answer­ing his questions, they danced around him with ideological excuses. Ahmed wasn’t satisfied.

He began visiting churches in order to research history, never imagining that he would one day become a Christian. Many people at the church were suspicious of him, and he had difficulty getting answers to his questions. But God brought Christians into his life who were willing to sit patiently with him and answer his questions.

When he was 18, he would finally come to know Christ through their witness, but it wasn’t easy to dismiss a religion that had captivated his life for years.

“It was hard to convert. My parents, my location, my friends, everything lived Islam. Not just as a religion, but also as a culture. We have the tribes. My dad is very committed to Islam. My whole life was Islamic,” said Ahmed.

Like many MBBs, he kept his conversion a secret over the next decade… until last year.

When his Muslim cousin fled her husband and three children, she turned to Ahmed for help. Her arranged marriage had fallen apart and her life was miserable. Her family decided that she should be killed, according to the shame culture of Islam. She had abandoned her family and fled with a lover.

Secretly, Ahmed witnessed to her about Christianity and was eager to intervene before his family learned that she had run away. When he arrived at her house to protect her, he was too late.

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