Mosul Marks 5th Anniversary of ISIS Capture

06/10/2019 Iraq (International Christian Concern) – The Islamic State captured Mosul, the capitol of Iraq’s Nineveh Governorate, five years ago and used the city to institutionalize a reign of terror across Syria and Iraq. The fall of Mosul occurred between June 4-10, 2014 and would remain under the militants’ control until July 2017.

Christians and other religious minority groups were driven out of Mosul as the terrorists began implementing a policy of genocide towards non-Muslims. The capture of Mosul was, in some ways, not surprising to local Christians. Many had observed an increase of Islamist activity building in the years’ prior, often pointing towards the murder of Fr. Ragheed and others who were killed for the faith.

The capture of Mosul delivered a significant blow to the already weakened community trust, as Christians watched their neighbors suddenly turn against them en masse. Although the militants would officially lose control of the city in July 2017, no Mosuli Christians have returned home following displacement.

As the governorate’s capitol, the city remains an administrative center that many Christians are forced to interact with in some capacity. But living in Mosul is too much after the pain of genocide. ISIS continues to haunt the city, causing security concerns as well.

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