China Targeting Human Rights Workers Internationally

06/08/2019 China (International Christian Concern) – Canada is currently studying China’s targeting of human rights workers who internationally raise awareness about the communist government’s abuses of personal and civil liberties. The evaluation comes in the days following the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre and includes studying the methods China uses to prevent human rights activists from working.

This tactic by the Chinese authorities is part of a broader strategy that seeks to isolate human rights victims from those who would advocate on their behalf. For Chinese Christians, the implications are severe. After Tiananmen Square, Christian groups were forced to register as state patriotic associations or face harsh consequences. These consequences include government propaganda which cultivates a cultural perspective that Christians are part of an evil cult that is anti-China.

This strategy, coupled with the government’s significant use of censorship and surveillance, makes it difficult for Chinese Christians to speak about the human rights violations they are subjected too. The government hopes that by taking away the voice of Chinese Christians, it will be able to continue these violations without consequence. For this reason, those who support freedom of conscience in China can also face negative repercussions.

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