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06/07/2019 Taiwan (International Christian Concern) – From May 30 until June 1 the Taiwan International Religious Freedom Forum met in Taipei with the theme of “Rising to the Challenge.” The forum, which had a particular emphasis on China, discussed multiple topics relating to persecution against Christians. Government officials and human rights activists from 23 countries attended the form.

The emphasis on China was because the government is constantly finding new ways to suppress freedom of conscience throughout the country. State surveillance and heavy censorship often make it difficult to securely communicate between Christians. China rates as a Tier 1 Country of Concern by the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom. The forum also emphasized China’s support of North Korea, which suppresses religious minorities to an even greater scale.

Three key initiatives emerged from the forum. The first calls for the inspection and reunification separated by families in China separated because of internment. The second initiative calls for the launch of special programming from Radio Taiwan International which would focus on religious freedom. The third initiative would provide health care to victims of persecution.

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