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06/04/2019 Uganda (International Christian Concern)- Pastors and Muslim converts in the Western Ugandan province of Bwera, received several death threats from Muslims after an evangelistic Christian convention on May 20th. At the event, converted Sheiks, openly spoke about their salvation and the peace they found in Christ, stirring up anger in the Muslim community. Protests, inspired by Muslim leaders, led to police banning the otherwise all week event from continuing after just four days.

One former Muslim teacher, while speaking to Morning Star News, said that Jesus changed his life after he acknowledged Him as Lord and the only Son of the God. He gave his testimony at the event on the first day and huge crowds showed up the next day – curious to know this savior, Jesus. Another former Sheikh, used the Koran to justify the uniqueness of Jesus.

Several Muslim protestors marched to the police to complain about the use of the Koran in Christian events. Following the protestors, 250 armed radicals arrived at the event in anticipation of an attack. Police quickly banned the event, though tensions remain high and the safety of Christians in the region is still at stake.

The demonstrating Muslims threatened all Muslim converts in the region with death, citing the Islamic understanding of apostasy. Some converts expressed their apprehension to attend subsequent Christian fellowships.

The Church leaders in Bwera continue to call on the international community to pray fervently for their safety and strength to continue spreading the gospel. Their hope is that we join them in asking God for His mercies to reign in the region.

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