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06/04/2019 China (International Christian Concern) – Radio Free Asia reports that in China’s southeastern province of Jiangxi, local authorities are attempting to blame poverty on religious beliefs by launching a play entitled Gospel. The narrative arc of the play shows a group of impoverished villagers living in a “backwardness” manner because of their faith. When they give their faith up for a new gospel, Communism, their society advances and the villagers become rich.

This political drama has toured through more than 20 towns, all located in poor rural areas in Yugan County. Local Christians are worried that this play will cause their communities to resent religion and blame poverty on religious faith.

China’s communist ideology leaves no room for dissent and freedom of conscience. The state puts significant effort into enforcing uniformity among its population, putting Christians in a difficult position where their belief in God is viewed as a threat to the country. For this reason, persecution of Christians in China has significantly grown since the establishment of its communist government. Political propaganda plays such as this only further advances the belief that Christians are second-class citizens, at best.

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