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06/03/2019 Nigeria (International Christian Concern)- Nigerian Police report that five Christians were killed and 12 Christian homes were burnt in attacks by gunmen on Sunday, May 26th in Jos, Nigeria. Christians returning home from several church services were attacked by Fulani militia. Eye-witnesses and community members have suggested that the numbers reported by police of those killed, injured and harassed are understated.

Other reports claim that seven people were killed, with 12 wounded and 12 houses burned.  Additionally, the head of a northern Nigeria pastors’ fellowship known as the Arewa Christians and Indigenous Pastors Association, Rev. Luke Shehu, said in a press statement that ‘about 30’ Christians were killed and 20 houses burned. With the official totals still unknown, all sources have confirmed that the suspected perpetrators are Fulani militants. Rev. Luke Shehu is recorded as suggesting President Buhari’s recent executive order that revokes all firearm licenses is seen as a ploy to keep Christians and others unarmed in the face of Fulani and terrorists.

As previously reported by ICC, the following day on May 27th, Fulani also killed six members of a single family. The same day, over 30 Christian women working as fruit and food vendors, had their produce seized and were arrested in Jos. These attacks come following the killing of another Christian in Jos on May 20th.

Persecution against Christians in Nigeria remains an issue that needs fervent prayer. We at International Christian Concern continue to pray for their safety and protection.

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