Armenian Woman Attacked in Turkey

06/01/2019 Turkey (International Christian Concern) – Agos reports that yesterday an Armenian woman living in Istanbul was attacked and wounded by two masked men carrying a knife. During the attack, the men warned that “This is the beginning.” Thankfully, neighbors heard her screams.

Two months prior to the attack, the home of this woman and her husband was tagged with a threatening note that contained hate speech towards Armenians. Vandalism on the homes and churches of Armenians is commonplace. The state encourages propaganda which justifies the Armenian genocide, thus encouraging the belief that Armenians are less than second-class citizens and deserve to be removed from Turkey.

Police are investigating this incident, but it is not an isolated case of persecution targeting Armenians. Earlier this month, TV programming supported by the state showed the forced conversion of an Armenian Christian child. Meanwhile, Turkey continues to interfere in the Armenian Patriarchal elections, holding the church hostage to the government’s own political desires.

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