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05/28/2019 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – Fulani Militants attacked and injured a pastor in Ondo State Nigeria last week during a failed abduction attempt. Femi Ajayi, the pastor, who serves in the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Akure, was at home when several Fulani militants jumped his fence and tried to kidnap him. According to his statements to the SaharaReporter, “It was in broad daylight that the three of them with big guns and cutlasses invaded my building. They jumped the fence into my compound, and came in through the poultry area with the attempt to kidnap me for ransom. The three of them had already blocked the entrance to my house and I did not even know there was another one outside the building.”

He continues that he was able to run into the street and call for helped. They then chased him and hit him in the hand and head with machetes, inflicting wounds. After this, they fled, leaving pastor Ajayi alive but severely wounded. He has had to have several hospital visits to fix the wounds, and will still be going back for more.

These kind of attacks for abduction have become more and more common in Nigeria, by suspected Fulani militants. As families and the government continue to pay the ransoms and the kidnappers continue to evade capture by the government, it is likely they will only continue. It is up to the Nigerian Government to fix this issue or to allow states to have police forces. The failure of the government to protect its citizens has led to no rule of law and devastation against it’s own populace by violent groups.

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