Modi Promises “Bright Future” for India Following Election Victory

05/24/2019 India (International Christian Concern) – Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have promised a “bright future” for India following a landslide election victory. However, religious minorities across the country are concerned that this victory for Modi and the BJP will mean another five years of intolerance and violence for their communities.

After initially coming to power in 2014, Modi and the BJP oversaw a five-year term marred by economic stagnation and rising religious intolerance. Using a political platform focused primarily on Hindu nationalism and promises of economic relief, Modi and the BJP were able to secure a second five-year term.

Reacting to the BJP victory, Vijayesh Lal, General Secretary of the Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI), told International Christian Concern (ICC), “The situation for minorities in India [will] not improve because the damage has already been done at the grass roots level. India has been successfully polarized along religious and ethnic lines.

The [return] of Mr. Modi will likely result in greater impunity for those who attack and malign religious minorities,” Lal concluded.

Over the course of the BJP’s first term in power, EFI documented a dramatic increase in Christian persecution in India. In 2014, the year the BJP initially rose to power, EFI documented 147 violent attacks on Christians across India. In 2018, after four years of BJP rule, EFI documented 325 violent attacks on Indian Christians.

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