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05/23/2019 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – On the night of Monday, 20 May, Boko Haram militants loyal to the ISWAP faction attack a military outpost near the town of Gubio in Borno State. This attacked led to the deaths of 20 Nigerian soldiers, and 9 being taken captive. According to a video later released by the group, those nine were then executed.

According to Reuters, the attackers drove into town on trucks with heavy machineguns on Monday evening. The terrorists and soldiers battled for more than an hour before the soldiers retreated. The video that the group later released, showed the weapons that they have gained during attacks like this one, including tanks and artillery.

These attacks have shown that the group is not defeated. It shows that they have gained the strength to push the Nigerian military of off bases and to regain territory. Unless the Nigerian government starts to more effectively fight terrorism, they will continue to lose ground and get their people killed.

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