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Geneva Votes to Ban Religious Symbolism Among Public Officials

05/17/2019 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Citizens of the Geneva canton voted in favor of a controversial “secularism law” that prevents public officials (both elected and unelected) from wearing reli­gious symbols. More than 55 percent of the population expressed support for the measure. The center-right parliament of Geneva believes that the law will foster greater dialogue between the state and religious groups.

However, limiting religious expression in the public sphere in this way has sparked significant controversy from the Green Party, Muslim organizations, and feminist groups. They believe that the new law is discriminatory because it targets Muslim women who wear headscarves. This law would also prevent Christian public officials from wearing religious symbols, including crosses. Multiple appeals have been lodged against certain provisions in the law, includ­ing one that bans religious gatherings in public and another that extends the ban to local government officials.

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