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05/16/2019 Uganda (International Christian Concern) – Morningstar news has reported on a Ugandan family who has been targeted by their Islamic community for becoming Christians. Yusuf Tulo and his family were Muslims until last October, when they became Christians. After this, their community turned on them. It culminated in an attack on their family homestead on 28 April. Because Tulo has a very large family, he had multiple buildings on his land. They were worshipping inside one of the houses when it was set on fire. Thankfully, someone yelled fire and they were able to leave before the roof collapsed.

Tulo had been receiving threatening messages for months before this incident took place. Since the attack, they have had to move in with friends for safety, but have continued to receive threats. They lost many belongings and are not able to return home at this time.

This is becoming a common fate for converts from Islam in Uganda. Though it is a Christian majority country, there are strong Islamic communities that are willing and able to punish individuals and families who leave that faith. Please pray for the safety of Tulo, his family and others like them.

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