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05/07/2019 Burkina Faso (International Christian Concern) – It has now been reported that not only did gunmen shoot 6 churchgoers in Northern Burkina Faso, but that these gunmen tried to force them to convert beforehand. According to World Watch Monitor, the 6 members were all part of the Assemblies of God Church in Sirgadji village. As they were exiting the church, the gunmen stopped the Christians and asked them to convert to Islam at gunpoint.

When the Christians refused, the gunmen forced them under a nearby tree, took their bibles and phones, then executed them one by one behind the church. Among those killed were a pastor and two of his family members, and a local teacher. Still no group has come forward to claim the attack, but if this new information is true, it could be a bad sign for what is to come.

There has not been a lot of targeting of Christians in Bukina Faso recently, this attack could be a sign that the extremism growing in and around the country may begin to target them. Please pray that Christians in Burkina Faso remain safe, continue to stay strong in their faith and that they are able to use this attack to spread the gospel.

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