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05/03/2019 Algeria (International Christian Concern) – Rachid Ouali, an Algerian Muslim Background Believer, has been embroiled in legal cases since last year. It began when he and four other Christians sang a Christian song and discussed Jesus over lunch. Ouali’s wife made a compliant. They were charged with inciting a Muslim to change her religion and Ouali’s wife divorced him. A court on April 17th upheld Ouali’s acquittal in a final appeal.

There was a delay in communicating the verdict to Ouali, the four other Christians, and their lawyer. It is believed that the delay was because Algeria is currently in a state of upheaval due to mass protests against the government. The attorneys, judges, and bailiffs have been on strike.

While this is wonderful news for Ouali and the other four Christians, such a verdict is not necessarily the norm for Algeria. The authorities have heavily increased pressure on Christians in the last few years, closing their churches and embroiling them in legal cases. Although the authorities are in a current state of chaos, other elements of society (such as al-Qaeda) have used the situation to make threats against Algerian Christians.

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