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05/02/2019 Sudan (International Christian Concern) – The Transitional Military Council (TCM) which is currently in charge of the government in Sudan, has made contact with the leaders of different rebel groups. They have also thanked the groups for fighting to end the Bashir regime, saying that they were working the same as the protestors.

This is surprising as the group has long been targeted by the government as a rebel and terrorist group. The Bashir regime’s response led to the genocide of the people in Darfur and the warrant by the International Criminal Court for Bashir’s arrest. If this outreach is real, it could lead to a huge change in the country. If the interim government actually is able to work with the rebel groups, it could lead to real peace that has not been known in southern Sudan for decades.

However, this could also just be an attempt by the TMC to appease the masses of protestors that were able to force the overthrow of Bashir. They may be worried that the unrest will continue until they lose power, so they could just be hoping to dispel any more protests. Only time will tell which of the motives are backing the current government’s responses, but we hope to see peace grow in this heavily oppressed nation.

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