EU Sends Open Letter to Pakistan Demanding End to Persecution of Religious Minorities

05/02/2019 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – Over 50 members of the European Parliament have signed on to an open letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan calling for an end to the persecution of Pakistan’s religious minorities. In that letter, the parliamentarians warned that Pakistan could lose subsidies and trade preferences currently offered by the European Union (EU) if the situation for the country’s religious minorities does not improve.

Today’s Pakistan is far removed from being the country that its founding father, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, had envisaged,” the open letter read. “Jinnah had always insisted that Pakistan would be a Muslim majority state were people from all religious, whether Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Ahmadis or Shias, would be treated equally.

The letter continued saying, “Over the last seven decades, successive government in Pakistan have contributed to implemented discriminatory systems that have resulted in political, economic and social persecution of religious minorities, which have encouraged acts of violence against them by radical Islamic groups.

Christians have long endured widespread discrimination and persecution in Pakistan. In recent years, Christian neighborhoods and places of worship have become regular targets for extremists. False blasphemy accusations and instances of forced conversion to Islam also continue to plague Pakistan’s Christian minority.

With the EU calling on Pakistan to dismantle the structures of discrimination and persecution, it is hoped that the country’s Christians will finally get some respite.

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