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04/26/2019 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Zaima, a recent widow with little income to feed her children, was forced to take on her husband’s job as a temporary sanitary worker at a government facility. Soon after, Zaima was fired from her position.

She was accused of demanding a permanent position and various other incentives, but the reality is far more sinister. Zaima reported that an officer at her job pressured her to convert to Islam and marry him. When she refused and held fast to her Christian faith, she was fired, leaving her without a source of income to provide for her children.

ICC joined hands with local partners to develop a small business for Zaima so that she can earn a sustainable living in a safe environment. We helped develop a small firewood business for Zaima by providing her with two trolleys of firewood, an electric scale, a wood cutter, other accessories, and a rented shop. This simple, yet effective, business model will allow Zaima to regain a source of income in a dignified manner.

Zaima shared, “I never hoped or expected to get so much in life. It is God’s providence. He has listened to my cry.” After expressing her thanks to those who made this business possible, she continued, “I shall make use of the opportunity to prosper and grow in life. We shall be a happy family now.”

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