Boko Attacks Second Village in Northern Cameroon in One Week

04/24/2019 Cameroon (International Christian Concern) – Boko Haram attacked another village in northern Cameroon on Monday night. This is the terrorist groups second attack in less than a week in the region. During this attack, at least seven people were killed and many homes were destroyed in Mayo Chari. With these increased attacks, the local government has said that they would increase security to the area.

With the already high level of conflict in Cameroon, these attacks are adding to the chaos and loss of life. It is not clear why Boko Haram has increased its attacks across the border. These attacks may just be small outliers, or they could show intent by the group to move outside their usual target area. Hopefully however, no matter the intent, the Cameroonian authorities will be able to secure their area and stop the attacks.

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