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04/23/2019 China (International Christian Concern) – Britain’s Sky News recently visited Beijing to witness the ongoing persecution against Christianity, especially well-known house churches. Despite the challenges, the members of these churches continue their worship.

Elder Xu Yonghai from the Divine Love Fellowship at Beijing told the British reporter that although he set up the church in 1989 after the Tiananmen Square Massacre, and having been jailed or re-education through labor camps three times for his beliefs, these are the darkest days he’s known, as the Communist party stamps down on any version of religion that does not acknowledge its supremacy.

Outside Elder Xu’s home is a small police station, which according to him, was constructed just to keep watch on him. Despite the small size of his house church, Beijing is very wary of him and his activities. He was recently put on house arrest during the period of Two Sessions, a meeting of legislative delegates and political advisers.

Another well-known Beijing house church, Shouwang Church, was also shut down in late March. The church pledged to hold a prayer meeting in a public square in the city. There, the reporter again witnessed first-hand persecution from the government.

The authorities had simply shut down the entire square, posting police officers at every entrance to prevent Christians from entering. The few worshippers brave enough to attend were interviewed by police and then ushered away.

But these Christians are not giving up their rights to worship. “We can’t stop praying just because we are afraid of being jailed,” elder Xu said. “Compared with our predecessors, they were jailed for life or sentenced to death with reprieve. But they persisted.”

“So will we.”

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