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Sudan Seizes Nearly One Hundred Thirty Million Dollar Stash from Bashir Home

04/22/2019 Sudan (International Christian Concern) – Sudanese authorities have seized nearly 130 million dollars from the private home of Omar al-Bashir. The funds have been taken to the Sudanese treasury and returned to the country. The authorities have not announced how Bashir came by this huge fortune, but they are thinking of prosecuting him for this, which may show that he stole it.

This finding comes just a couple of weeks after Bashir was overthrown from his 30-year rule of the country. It also comes only a few months after the country increased the price of bread by three times due to economic hardships. This shows the major corruption and greed that ruled the nation. As his people were starving, Bashir was hording a fortune which could have helped millions of the poor.

Sudan ranks as the sixth most corrupt country in the world according to Transparency Internationals Index 2018. The only countries more corrupt according to the organization are Syria, Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan and North Korea. Sudan also ranks seven on Open Doors World Watch list 2019.

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